We sell all things paper! Custom stationery, wedding invitations, custom napkins and stadium or styrofoam cups, shower invitations, custom birthday and party invitations, graduation announcements, calling cards, gift wrapping, and other personal and thoughtful gifts for you and your home.

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We also have the perfect little gift to present to a loved one on a special occasion or just because. Some of our gift items include John Hart handbags, customized pillows, picture frames, Bridal gifts, bridesmaids gifts, totes, books and more! The options are endless!

We truly are your one-place stop when you are in need of beautiful cards and invitations. From weddings to graduations and birthday parties, we can help you find or create the perfect invitation that reflects your style and event.

We can customize and print cards and invitations to your specifications in about an hour. Come in and see us. Or if that is not convenient, we can create a special card for you and send it to you by email and then deliver your cards to your door.

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Ask us for advice:

Dear Miss FPG,

My husband and I are divorced but now our oldest daughter is about to be married. But, like so many divorces, ours was not amicable and he has not participated much in the raising of our children. Nor will he contribute to the cost of the Wedding. So my question is: Should I ask him not to attend the wedding?


Dear Puzzled,

I realize that you may be uncomfortable with your ex, but really this question should be directed to you daughter. I solute your hard work in raising your children as a single mom as well as your generosity to foot the bill for your daughter's wedding. But this wedding day is about her, her love for her husband to be, so let her decide if she wants her dad by her side on the big day. If she does, then it's your job to make the bast of it. After all, you don't have to interact with him other than siting in the same room at the ceremony. You don't have to dance with him or even sit with him at the reception. But on this, your daughter's day, try hand forget past animosity and focus on the joy of the occasion and your daughters happiness.

Miss FPG

Dear Miss FPG,

My son has announced that he is to wed. But he plans to marry his male friend. While I love my son, a same sex marriage is not something I feel I can support. How should to react to his announcement?

A Christian Woman

Dear Christian,

The United States Supreme Court has spoke, Love is love. I suggest that you try to sow your son the love you say you have for him. Rejoice that he has found someone to love as well as to be loved by his intended.

Miss FPG